Schedule A Free Call From Santa Claus, Personalized For Your Child Or Loved One.

We're as excited about our Free call From Santa as all the children will be this year.  Imagine your child or loved one getting a call from Santa on the day and time you choose, so you can watch the excitement and have the time to prepare to get that camera ready, this call from Santa is going to be one of those Kodak moments you and your child or loved one, will cherish for a lifetime.   

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We've Created a Special Page on Our Website so you can select your childs name and listen to Santa pronouce it, enter the phone number to call, select the type of message from Santa for your child and even listen to the message as Santa calls your child by name.  Then all you do is select the date and time to call.    Click the link below to schedule your Free Call From Santa

Send A Call From Santa Claus To Your Child Or Loved One The Day You Choose!

Our official Free Call From Santa release date is scheduled to start in October, and we've created a pre-launch form for all those who want to get on  the list to schedule their Free call From Santa to your right.   Safe, Secure and simple, we don't share any information, it's just for Santa and you.  The only e-mail you'll ever receive is from us, and the only one who calls is Santa Himself, personally addressed with  your child's or loved ones name.Sign up today to create and  confirm your scheduled call from Santa in 3 easy steps, and  make this year a magical one!